Notebook repair can be dangerous. The circuitry in your laptop is small and delicate. To the untrained eye, it can be hard to distinguish between one component and the next.

Small square shaped items of roughly the same perimeter are fixed into your laptop in so many places, how are you expected to know what chip performs what job?

If you are afraid of trying to solve the mystery of your broken laptop but do not want to send it in to a shop—or cannot afford the price tag, there is no reason to worry.

You do not have to turn it over to the professionals. While it may be tricky business unscrewing the cover and looking beneath the skin of your laptop to perform notebook repair, learning how to address any number of problems is only a matter of receiving the education you need.

And the surprising truth is: you do not need to shell out hundreds of dollars to get a tech degree in order to fix yours and other people’s laptops. You only need to be directed to the right resources to learn the trade for yourself.

The laptop repair videos at can teach you the necessary skills to work on your own laptop. They have an astounding ten hours of laptop repair videos that address issues from motherboards, to broken keyboards.

They show you step by step repair processes for battery repair, CD/DVD repair and of course, the right way to take your laptop apart. But what is more comforting is that the videos are in depth and cover even the most challenging problems you will face when engaged in notebook repair.

Even the most difficult tasks like soldering and repair work on your motherboard are addressed in the videos. The “how to” videos for these tasks are straightforward. The instructor does not use highbrow language that confuses you as you follow along and he moves at a speed that is easy to keep up with.

You will need a soldering iron and a few tools to follow along, but compared to turning your laptop over to a stranger who will try to wrangle as much money out of you as he can, the tools and the cost of the tutorial videos does not even scratch the surface.

Learning to repair your notebook can save you money and, if you become proficient enough, even make you money. For the whole ten hour program, you will only spend fifty-five dollars.

That is five and a half dollars an hour. Compare that to a college class and you are looking at a minimum of two hundred dollars saved an hour. You can come back to the videos over and over again until the process is so second nature to you that you can do it without assistance.

When that day comes, you will have acquired a skill that very few people have. From there, you could utilize the skills to help others fix their laptops and even make a career out of it.