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apple laptop repair

These are the most common repairs that are done by us for our customers.  We are ready to turn these repairs around in 4-48 hours or less to accommodate our clients.  No appointments are necessary. It is possible that we may need to order a part for your repair, in that case the computer repair will take an extra 3-4 business days.

Computer Repair Diagnostic


A thorough assessment of your computer’s hardware and software by certified computer techs.  We will recommend the most effective, affordable repair that is necessary to get your computer up and running.


Hard Drive Repair & Replacement


Our hard drive replacement and upgrade services always include and physical installation, data migration, and final testing to verify the hard drive and data.



Power Jack Repair / Soldering


If your power jack only needs to be re-soldered back into place without actually replacing the dc jack the repair costs may be less.

DC Power Jack Replacement Service includes:

  • Replacing bad DC Jack with a new part
  • Complete motherboard and hardware check up
  • Final system test and diagnostics
  • External laptop or desktop cleaning

MacBook Pro Unibody 13, 15, 17-inch Front LCD Screen Glass Replacement




Operating System Reinstall

A clean system installation service at iComputer will include backing up your files, reformatting your hard drive, reinstalling your OS and applications, and then restoring any backed up files.  It’s a good idea to reinstall the operating on a Mac or PC every once in a while to keep your system running smoothly.



Ram Upgrade or Replacement


RAM stands for Random Access Memory, generally, the more RAM you have your computer will handle all the tasks that you put it through on a daily basis more efficiently.  A ram upgrade can allow you to see a performance increase across literally everything you do, from browsing the web to using Photoshop.


Laptop Fan Replacement or Repair 

Failing laptop fans will cause the CPU to overheat and can result in your computer automatically shutting down.



Just like your car or house, your computer needs a good cleaning every 3 months or so to prevent overheating and dust build up.  Depending on the environment, you may need to clean your computer more or less. The computer’s environment is an important consideration for the health of the computer. Keeping your computer above the floor, like on your desk, will prevent dust, hair, and carpet particles from getting inside your machine.

In some cases your computer may even need a fan replacement if cleaning the inside and fan do not improvement the airflow inside your desktop.


MacBook Pro Unibody and Non Unibody All Sizes LCD Screen Replacements



MacBook Non Unibody (White or Black) LCD Screen Replacements


PC Laptop LCD Replacements



Macbook Pro Component level Repair in Nehru Place ,New Delhi

Macbook Pro Logic Board Repair

Laptop Repair Experts is a Nationwide Service Center for laptop repair & notebook repair. We repair all Toshiba, IBM,Lenovo, Sony, HP, Compaq, Dell, Apple Notebooks as well as other brands. Our effciency is almost 100%.We have 15 years of experience in laptop motherboards repairing and we are the first company in north India who had started BGA level repairs of motherboards.We are experts in laptop motherboards repairing as we solve many critical problems which are very hard to understand by other experienced technicians also.

Laptoprepairexperts  offers quick and affordable Apple laptop logic board repair services for customers all over India. We have the equipment and expertise to repair any problems with your Apple laptop or notebook computer. We aim to provide our customers with a solution for their home and business portable computer technical issues in an accurate and timely manner.

If you have accidentally dropped your Apple Mac laptop and it gets damaged or you unintentionally spilled liquid over your laptop, We are here to help you with efficient Apple laptop logic board repair services. We offer board level repairs on all Apple laptop models including MacBook Air, MacBook, MacBook Pro, PowerBook G4 and iBook G4 models. We use the latest BGA rework stations and reballing equipment to perform component-level logic board repair and replacement services. We provide Apple laptop logic board replacement services including replacement of graphics chipset as well as BIOS upgrade services.

Laptop Repair Experts

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Cheap and Best laptop repair in Nehru Place, New Delhi. India

Cheap and Best laptop repair in Nehru Place, New Delhi. India


I am glad to announce that now I have 100% solution for the shutdown problem experienced by many technicians in I3 ,I5 and I7 laptops of various brands like sony,Toshiba,acer,lenovo,dell , hp ,Compaq

and many others.This problem is hardware related and needs chip level repair, It can not be solved by changing and cleaning the cooling CPU fan.


Symptoms of This Problem


1. Immediate Shutdown after Display (boot process) or Shutdown after 30 SEC-30 MINUTES.

2. This problem is very common in some models of various brands like SONY E Series, EB series , Toshiba L600/L640,Toshiba C600, Acer aspire 4740, Dell N5010,hp 430,hp 630,hp 2000 and many more

3. This problem is generally experienced by Technicians after they try to repair these laptops