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Macbook Repair Experts  Serves Your Apple Laptop Issues

Apple computers are costly and known for its unique design and functionality. Like any other computers, these are vulnerable to any damage, mishandling, liquid spill, hardware/software or other issues. In this, the name of an expert Apple service center like Macbook Repair Experts comes to the best work for Apple MacBook Pro repair, MacBook Pro Screen repair and other Apple/Mac series laptop/desktop, spare parts, accessories repair, replacement and upgrade.

Have a read below what the best benefits this Nehru Place located Apple service center of Macbook Repair Experts provides to its range of customers, as

Easy to Contact

At the time apple consumers feel any trouble with their Apple laptop/desktop they can easily contact the Apple service center via its email ID or phone numbers available on its website They are quick to respond and send a pick & drop team immediately at your door step for further process.

Instant Solution


We Repair 90 % Macbook Pro Laptops on same day.Cost Effective    

Against their quality services they charge comparatively less than the others. For instance, you can compare the repairing costs charged by others and by Macbook Pro Repair an Apple service center by comparing their Estimates available on their respective websites.


So next time let serve your Apple laptop/desktop needs in the most effective way.


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2011 MacBook Pro users complain of  issues, notably distortions, striations, and even system crashes and boot failures.

These problems are tied to 2011 MacBook Pros that possess discrete graphics cards. Some users experiencing the described failures state tinting errors and distortion problems are eliminated when switching to using the system’s integrated video card.

We have 100% Genuine solution for these kind of problems.

These macbook pro have three types of configurations:

1. AMD Radeon HD 6470M

2. AMD Radeon HD 6750M

3. AMD Radeon HD 6770M

Contact : 07838096219 

Apple Macbook Laptop Keyboard Repair

Many times our customers accidently spill beverages, coffee, water, soda and drinks on their Apple Macbook Laptop Keyboard. 90% of the times the Apple Macbook Laptop Keyboards are fixable as long as the Apple Macbook Laptop is still working. Liquid causes a great deal of damage to you Apple Macbook Laptop , causing your Apple Macbook Laptop failure to power on and short circuit.A1181_keyboard_delhi

Without a functioning keyboard the workload can be brought to a stop making the situation very frustrating. Our turnaround time is fast, inexpensive and efficient. In most cases the Apple Macbook Laptop Keyboard are replaced the same day.

If your laptop computer is in need of repair or specific part please call us at 07838096219.

We are locally located at

802, Meghdoot Building,94 Nehru Place, New Delhi.

Please visit us at our address to service your Apple Macbook Laptop.