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Macbook Pro Retina A1502 Logic Board Repair in Nehru Place

We Macbook Repair Experts at Nehru Place have repaired 99.5% Macbook Pro with Retina Display in previous 15 Months.

We Have Solved Some Common Problems Like:

  • Complete Dead
  • No Battery Detection(X mark on Upper Right Corner)
  • No Battery Backup (Working with Charger)
  • Working in Safe Boot but unable to boot normally.
  • WiFi Card Not working or Not Detected.
  • Abnormal Shutdown Problem.
  • CPU Burnt or Short.
  • Some Keys Not Working.
  • Trackpad Not Working.
  • Battery Not Charging.
  • Dim Display or No Display on Screen.
  • No Keyboard Backlight.
  • LCD Screen Change
  • SSD Repair


A1405 Battery for Macbook Air

A1405 Macbook Air Battery



Apple Macbook Air A1369 Battery

The A1369 Battery for MacBook Air 13” is in superb condition as it is the original new version and copiously tested. The A1369 Battery for MacBook Air 13” (Original, New) is used to replace a defective or damaged Macbook Air 13” battery. Every A1369 Battery for MacBook Air 13” is separately examined for authenticity as well as operational and visual flaws.

For models:

MacBook Air 13.3″ 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo (A1369) – Late 2010 MC503LL/A

MacBook Air 13.3″ 1.86GHz Core 2 Duo (A1369) – Late 2010 MC504LL/A

MacBook Air 13.3″ 2.13GHz Core 2 Duo (A1369) – Late 2010 MC504LL/A

MacBook Air 13.3″ 2.13GHz Core 2 Duo (A1369) – Late 2010 MC503LL/A

MacBook Air 13″ 1.7 GHz Core i5 (A1369) – Mid 2011 MC965xx/A

MacBook Air 13″ 1.7 GHz Core i5 (A1369) – Mid 2011 MC966xx/A

MacBook Air 13″ 1.8 GHz Core i7 (A1369) – Mid 2011 MC965xx/A

MacBook Air 13″ 1.8 GHz Core i7 (A1369) – Mid 2011 MC966xx/A

Apple Part #: 661-6055

Color: Black

Condition: Original, New

The A1369 Battery for MacBook Air 13” (Original, New) is used to replace a defective or damaged Macbook Air 13” battery.

Required Repair Tools:
T5 Torx Screwdriver

MacBook Air 5-Point Pentalobe Screwdriver

Repair Process:
Installation of A1369 LCD cable for MacBook Air 13” (Moderate)

We have Factory programmed KB9012QF A3 KEYBOARD CONTROLLER for these Models :

Lenovo G480_E530_E430
Dell Inspiron 5520 7520 Vostro 3560
Dell Inspiron 15 3521 15RV 0FTK8 LA-9104P Intel i3
Asus K45VD EC KB9012QF A3
Lenovo G780
SAMSUNG 530U4B BA41-01887A
ACER V531 571 LA-7911 7912
ACER ASPIRE E1-530 /E1-570 LA-9535P
Dell 5537
Lenovo G505

MacBook Air & Macbook Pro Retina Screen Replacementmacbook_air_screen_repair_delhi

11 Inch & 13 inch MacBook Air screen replacement. Laptoprepairexperts has a team of professional Apple Mac repair specialists to replace your damaged, cracked, or broken MacBook Air /Pro laptop screen.

Do you experience any of the following symptoms with your Apple MacBook Air /Pro laptop screen – dead pixels, lines on the screen or the sharpness of the picture is reduced?

We can replace the LED screen in your MacBook Air/Pro laptop with a brand new high quality replacement 13.3″ or 11.6″ LED screen for less than you might think!


Price – 11 Inch Screen Replacement – 9000-13000

Price – 13 Inch Screen – 15000-25000

Price -13 Inch Retina Screen -32000

Price -15 Inch Retina Screen -35000

Laptop Repair Experts

802, Meghdoot Building,94 Nehru Place

New Delhi-110019,India.
Phone: 011-26445616
9958360094,9958360093 Email:



This is a replacement front bezel and panel assembly (replacement for original glass panel) for the 13″/15″/17″  Macbook Pro Unibody model. Note this is a original replacement part. Apple does not sell the Glass for these units. This replacement is a glass replacement that once installed will have the same quality and looks. The glass includes per-attached adhesive strips.

Logic board faulty ?? No need of replacing it, save a lot and get it repaired.

Logic board repairs at component level any kind of problem with apple Macbook , Macbook pro or Macbook Air we’ll fix it same day at apple mac repair center.



  • Macbook Pro Repair faulty logic board from INR 5000 only
  • Logic board repair same day service
  • Macbook Pro Screen Replacement (any size ) within two hour
  • Logic board replacement
  • Macbook Air Logic board Repair


We repair the logic boards to component level. We repair MacBook,  MacBook Pro and Macbook Air  We look to repair any logic board with a same day service.

Give us a call  on 9958360094, 9958360093  for more information!


Whatever problem you are having with your macbook or mac logic board we can be sure to fix it

Please contact us for an exact quote for your Logic Board. We will beat any genuine quote.
Whatever problem you are having with your Apple device we can be sure to fix it.

Just Call Us On 9958360094, 9958360093


Macbook Nvidia RepairMacbook Pro Brand New Nvidia Replacement



We are the only reputed Macbook Repairs company located in Nehru Place,New Delhi providing service locally as well as nationally. We are very much famous for building a good and healthy relationship with our customers. Is your MacBook damaged, broken or any other technical issues under the sky? If yes, then is your one step solution. Our Motto: “No Fix – No Fees”.

Whether your MacBook has been physically damaged by rain or water, or it seems beyond repair, if damaged lcds, batteries, casing and motherboards necessitate replacement, or if there are overheating faults, dry joints, burnt components, at , the experts get your MacBook back in Original state! Our turnaround time is quick and our work is guaranteed.

MacBook Repair at affordable Cost. Come with whatsoever problem with your MacBook device, and we promise to fix it. We bring life to Various Models of MacBook.

Just to mention a few of our expertise:
MacBook Screen Replacement
MacBook Screen Repairs
MacBook Logic Board Replacement
MacBook Keyboard Replacement
MacBook Damage Repairs
MacBook Air Retina Display Replacement
MacBook Air Liquid Spill Repair
MacBook Air Liquid Damage Repair
MacBook Air Logic Board Repairs
MacBook Air 13.3”
– For your MacBook Air 13.3”, our expertise lies in Screen Replacement
MacBook Air 11.6”
– For your MacBook Air 11.6”, our expertise lies in Screen Replacement
MacBook Air 11”
– For your MacBook Air 11”, our expertise lies in Screen Replacement
Macbook repairs in New Delhi.

Following Models are dealt with us everyday and we are expert in their Repair

A1342 MacBook Screen Replacement
A1342 MacBook LCD Replacement
A1342 MacBook Screen Repairs
A1342 MacBook Logic Board Replacement
A1342 MacBook Logic Board Repairs
A1342 MacBook Keyboard Replacement and Repairs
A1342 MacBook Liquid Damage Repairs A1425 MacBook Screen Replacement
A1425 MacBook LCD Replacement
A1425 MacBook LCD Repairs
A1425 MacBook Screen Repairs
A1425 MacBook Logic Board Replacement
A1425 MacBook Logic Board Repairs
A1425 MacBook Keyboard Replacement and Repairs

Few reasons to opt for our highly qualified engineers for Apple Repair

Effective communication
Communication is the most salient features our team possesses. Being nice with customer helps us in understanding the problem in depth and bringing out the best and optimum solution is our key deliverable.


Professional, efficient & technically sound trouble-shooter
Our team easily identify find and install appropriate drivers for hardware.

Our expert engineers can work on a multitude of Apple hardware/software issues.
Equipped with best education and experience, our experts’ team is ready for any sort of technical issue.

Quick & cost effective service
Now you can spend more time with your Apple as we not just make it economical but we service at speed of the light.

Serving the same day is our core philosophy. In order to maintain this, we have proper database system management which take care of inventory.

Our unparallel Apple repair experts are ever ready and enthusiastic to provide quick solution. We, the solution providers, are a just a few clicks away.

Macbook White Black Repair in Delhi ,Macbook Pro 17inch Repair in Delhi Macbook Air 13inch Repair in Delhi

We aim to please every customers budget and we understand that your laptop/device is one the most important items you own, it can hold valuable data. This is why we ensure that only the highest quality parts are used in our repairs and are installed by certified technicians.

We have Best repair service made possible by our high technology engineering machine used to diagnose the faults on the motherboard and is able to change all level of component IC, SMC,Nvidia,Processors and different chips on the mother board of the laptop which is fully controlled by computerized machines. Advanced BGA machines are used at component level to ensure maximum quality repairs are done, and most important are our experienced technicians who are able to repair within hours regardless of brand and fault.

We provide 90% same day repair service depending upon the part(s) in stock otherwise repairs take up to one week. Replacement services carry a 1 or 3 month warranty when fitted by us.

 Notebook repair can be dangerous. The circuitry in your laptop is small and delicate. To the untrained eye, it can be hard to distinguish between one component and the next.

Small square shaped items of roughly the same perimeter are fixed into your laptop in so many places, how are you expected to know what chip performs what job?

If you are afraid of trying to solve the mystery of your broken laptop but do not want to send it in to a shop—or cannot afford the price tag, there is no reason to worry.

You do not have to turn it over to the professionals. While it may be tricky business unscrewing the cover and looking beneath the skin of your laptop to perform notebook repair, learning how to address any number of problems is only a matter of receiving the education you need.

And the surprising truth is: you do not need to shell out hundreds of dollars to get a tech degree in order to fix yours and other people’s laptops. You only need to be directed to the right resources to learn the trade for yourself.

The laptop repair videos at can teach you the necessary skills to work on your own laptop. They have an astounding ten hours of laptop repair videos that address issues from motherboards, to broken keyboards.

They show you step by step repair processes for battery repair, CD/DVD repair and of course, the right way to take your laptop apart. But what is more comforting is that the videos are in depth and cover even the most challenging problems you will face when engaged in notebook repair.

Even the most difficult tasks like soldering and repair work on your motherboard are addressed in the videos. The “how to” videos for these tasks are straightforward. The instructor does not use highbrow language that confuses you as you follow along and he moves at a speed that is easy to keep up with.

You will need a soldering iron and a few tools to follow along, but compared to turning your laptop over to a stranger who will try to wrangle as much money out of you as he can, the tools and the cost of the tutorial videos does not even scratch the surface.

Learning to repair your notebook can save you money and, if you become proficient enough, even make you money. For the whole ten hour program, you will only spend fifty-five dollars.

That is five and a half dollars an hour. Compare that to a college class and you are looking at a minimum of two hundred dollars saved an hour. You can come back to the videos over and over again until the process is so second nature to you that you can do it without assistance.

When that day comes, you will have acquired a skill that very few people have. From there, you could utilize the skills to help others fix their laptops and even make a career out of it.