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macbook screen repair offer Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, and Macbook screen repair services. Have you been quoted an unrealistic price for a screen repair or replacement on your Macbook? We are able to repair you Mac screen at a fraction of the cost as our Technicians can rebuild the screen in most cases with brand new parts.

If you have been along to Apple direct you will have realised that the only option on offer with the macbook screen repair  is a full screen replacement. While this is the only option in a minimal amount of cases, in most cases the screen can be rebuilt with a new LCD, or LED panel. In a lot of cases when it comes to the Macbook unibody 13:, 15, or 17″ its only the glass that has been cracked. In this case we are able to remove the old broken glass panel that is glued into the screen panel and replace it with a fresh spanking new one. many companies will not replace the glass due to the health and safety aspect  of shattering glass. We use a unique  procedure to carry out this kind of repair, and we can have this done usually the very same day or within 24 hours.

Macbook With Intermittent Dark Screen: Other popular kinds of screen repairs we carry out are on the white and black Macbook A1181 models (pre-unibody models 2006 – 2008). Are you finding that your old Macbook screen keeps going black when you move the screen up and down? If you shine a light on the screen can you still see the desktop? If the answer is yes your more than likely experiencing a damaged inverter cable or inverter itself.With some of the MacBooks pre 2008 this is very common. In most cases this problem can be corrected with a replacement inverter. In a small amount of situations this could also be the backlight that is faulty in the LCD itself, in this case we would need to replace the screen. In an even smaller amount of cases (and we mean very small) it can be the fuse on the logic board or the logic board itself that is playing up. If this is the case we can advise on a couple of different options for macbook screen repair issues.

  • Same Day Screen Replacement for Macbook and Macbook Pro
  • Quality Glass Panel Replacement on Macbook Unibody
  • Replacement Hinges for Macbook Air A1369, A1237 Models
  • White/Black Macbook Inverter Cable Repalacement A1181
  • Tracking Of Vintage iBook, Powerbook G4 Laptop LCD Panels
  • Mobile Macbook Screen Repair
  • Macbook Pro  – Models A1226, A1150 nVidia Replacement 

Macbook Pro Vertical Lines or Black Screen: If However you have a Macbook Pro pre unibody model (Macbook pro with silver keys models A1226, A1150) and you are experiencing vertical coloured lines down the screen, or that when you power on your Macbook pro you hear a chime and the screen stays black this is more than often not a macbook screen repair issue, but a nVidia graphics chip (8600M GT) issue . Unfortunately the chip is attached to the logic board itself. This is very common on the pre unibody Macbook pro models. For a period of 4 years from new Apple extended the warranty on these models for a free repair (replacement logic board). Unfortunately for many this extended warranty has now expired leaving them with the costly option of a complete logic board replacement. That is of course that your models logic board is still available  and not classed as a vintage Mac. If you are experiencing this issue there is still hope. We are able to track down vintage logic boards, but more importantly we are able to repair the logic board itself with a new graphics chip. Please get in touch to discuss prices, and option. Please have your serial number in hand.